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Costume Designer

Akshaya Premnath

Akshaya Premnath


Creative vision meets impeccable artistry. Akshaya Premnath, a highly skilled costume designer with a passion for storytelling through clothing. With a background in fashion design from the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Chennai, Her career has been filled with exhilarating moments since its start in 2018.


She takes pride in her work on various movies, including the critically acclaimed "Bhramam," where she left an indelible mark with her versatile and captivating costume designs, particularly for Mr. Prithviraj's character. Additionally, her styling work for Ottakomban is going to showcase her ability to bring out the essence of characters through Sri. Suresh Gopi's attire.


From ONE, #Home to Mere Awaaz Suno and even Tamil films like O2 and Ottakomban Third Murder, She has consistently brought characters to life through meticulously crafted costumes that elevate the visual narrative. With each project, She strives to create memorable clothing that becomes an integral part of the story.


Join us on this exciting journey as she continues pushing boundaries and injecting innovation into every project. Together, let's weave captivating stories through the art of costume design.

Crafting Character, One Costume at a Time

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